Saturday, 25 September 2010


Katie and I moved into our house this week! We’re living in Rose Hill which is a 35 minute bus ride from work - which isn’t too bad. We tried to find somewhere in Albion, but it’s very expensive. We couldn’t find anything for our 6,000 rupees a month budget – which is around 120 pounds.
Using our connections with the Soroptomists we’re renting a house from Mrs Dinon (who is one of the founding members of the Mauritius Soroptomists). The house is at the bottom of her garden and her daughter lived there for a couple of months.  

The house has three bedrooms, (one of them has turned into our phone room – we have a house phone!!) three bathrooms, a kitchen, a living area, a dining area and a garden. We also have a washing machine! Our first day at the house turned into one big cleaning operation. We started in the kitchen. It took us all afternoon. We found ant grave yards and lizard poo. It DEFINITELY needed a spring clean. Then we sweeped and mopped all the floors!

The second day we tackled our bedrooms and the bathrooms. So, the house is almost all clean now!

The House
Pashmina’s and material are really cheap over here – about 3 pounds. I’d like to buy some to put up on my walls and brighten the place up a bit. I don’t think we’re allowed to paint.

Some funny things about the house...

- Katie and I were leaving the house the other night. We switched off all the lights and there’s a glow in the dark crucified Jesus on the wall! It was a little freaky...
- One of the bathrooms (the one with the hot water!) isn’t in use at the moment… There’s a wasp nest inside the shower… I was just having my shower the other day starkers and they all started to buzz and swarm about everywhere. I ran away screaming loudly (not before grabbing a towel).
- There are mosquitoes everywhere. The house is right next to a river. And they start to come out at 3 o’clock. I have been eaten alive… they seem to like my ankles...

Anyway! I have an address now! Letters would be really nice!
    8 Eliacin Francois Street,

And my phone number is 454 3781 (not including the area code for Mauritius... whatever it may be :S)


  1. So the ants in room 23 at school were nothing!! Wasps and mosquitoes win anyday!!
    I remember showering with cockroaches in Morocco - that wasn't pleasant either, but needs must!
    Sounds very spacious though - big enough for visitors!
    Hope you are able to get bits and pieces to make it home.

  2. Granny and Gramps have both read your blogs now!. They are very impressed you are doing so well. Granny says she will write to you soon.
    AK xx