Monday, 13 September 2010

First Impressions of Namaste

Katie and I visited Namaste early last week. We've discovered a few changes have gone on! Namaste has been split into two - the girls centre in Albion and the boys centre near Quatre Bornes. We will be working at the girls centre for the year! Dissapointingly we haven't started at Namaste yet! We haven't found accomodation in Albion. So, it's a little difficult for us to travel to and from work as Heidi's house is in Floreal. Hopefully we'll be starting very soon though!

Albion is on the West Coast of Mauritius, inbetween Flic en Flac and Port Louis. It's considerably quiet and less touristy than areas such as Flic en Flac and Black River. There has been talk of building this and that hotel but it remains a nice little beach town!

So, stepping into Namste! It's a very happy place! The girls were all bright and happy with big smiles! They're all very well taken care of. Just walking around the home, Katie and I were coming up with some things that we can do. The garden is a mess, so we were thinking we could take it on as a project. Get some chickens, maybe a rabbit and get the kids involved!
Someting we've realised is Namaste offers us a lot of freedom. It's up to us to create a successful project! Eeek!

Aswell! Katie and I attended a Soroptomists meeting (who are involved with fundraising for Namaste). We'll be a contact point for them in terms of Namaste's needs!

Really looking forward to starting work. I hope Katie and I can make some contribution!


  1. Great to read your first entry, well done Chloe!!! Mum xxxx

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  3. I'm sure you can!! Competing with John on the egg front?!! Remember his chicken costume? That would no doubt raise a laugh amongst your girls! All the best. Alison

  4. very glad to hear that at least you guys at least start workiing. Good that they manage to sort things out. :D

  5. Dear Chloe,Ellen and I have just read your blog and glad to hear that you are well. We hope tht you get accomodation sorted and that you are able to work with the girls.
    It has been v. wet here- is it wwarm with you?
    Ellen is up in Portstewart doing a placement with a general practice.
    regards, jane dawson.

  6. Hi Chloe
    Great to read all about your adventures, Judy gave me the blog address. Am glad you have found somehwere to live. depsite the ants and wasps!! I had a couple of days with all in Laurencekirk, stayed at your house and ate at Liz's. Will carry on reading your news, have a marvellous time.