Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bus Tale

I have so many bus stories. I think I've spent literally half my gap year on a bus.

Anyway. There are certain aspects of my life over here that no matter how annoying I've learnt you just have to accept.

Like the other day on the bus home from Pointe aux Sable. Any normal bus journey really. I handed 200r to the bus conductor to pay for both Charlie and I. He took my money, handed me our tickets and then continued down the aisle. But... wait a minute... 200r? This bus journey should only cost me... 50r. HMMMM. Now, sometimes the bus conductors don't have enough change at the time so return later - which is fine. But this bus conductor looked slightly... cheeky. I was immediately suspicious of him. I looked back at him probably with a somewhat confused expression. "Ok?" He asked. No... not really. I turned to Charlie, "Did he give me my change?". Apparently not... so I waited patiently with my purse still hoping that he would return in a moment with my change. Again, apparently not. Cheeky cheeky! So, Charlie asked for my change politely. And yes, 150r came my way with little fuss or bother... but a little bit of a cocky smile.

Funnily enough though, I didn't seem nearly as annoyed or angry as I should have been. A bus conductor just tried to cheat me out of more than 3 quid! Why is this not more serious!? I suppose I've learnt that naturally, there are some people who will take one look at me and see me as an opportunity to make some 'cheeky cash'. And why not? You know, I heard a story about some tourists in Port Louis who payed 1200r for three choux choux (a green vegetable - you don't get them in the UK). For one choux choux, usually we pay about 5r in Rose-Hill. But if tourists are really this stupid then of course people are going to try cheat them - it's just easy money! The attitude I suppose is "What is an extra 150r to a tourist? Is it money they're going to miss - no, probably not". But what people don't realise when they look at me is that of course - I'm not a tourist. And in some cases my monthly wage is less than theirs.

But I suppose this has just made me think about how people percieve me here - and how much I stand out as being 'different'. It's going to be strange returning to the UK and being able to 'fit into a crowd' of people so easily. No sticking out like a sore thumb. Or looking different. Just the same as everyone else. Is this something I'm looking forward to?? :S

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