Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nap Time!

What do you think of when someone says 'Nap Time'. Well, I think of sleepy children rubbing their eyes, dozing on their mother's lap, sleeping with their mouths hanging open etc. However, at the SOS Children's Kindergarten I've seen another picture. How about giggling, children putting their feet in their mouth and chatting at 100 miles an hour? These kids just never seem to tire. But, I know, this is normal. And there really is no point in getting a child to sleep when they're clearly not tired. However, SOS Children's Village really don't seem to understand this logic... Despite the fact NONE of the children will sleep, they're forced to lie down for 45minutes and be quiet. Hmmmm... 

Inevitably some of the more disruptive kids are moved to desks so they won't distract the other 'sleeping' children. I try to focus on these kids and find ways to amuse them! For example, drawing on the board, doing some work with them, tickling! etc.

The kids don't really see me as a teacher (or someone who they respect in that way). I'm more of a 'fun adult'. But, I really like this. I wouldn't have it any other way. However, it does create problems when it comes to that time of day where I'm left alone for maybe 2-5minutes... NAP TIME. A certain nervousness will creep over me. I know I can't control them... and they know it too. It's like they can smell my fear! So then the class will erupt into chatter and noise! Usually at this point I am helplessly flustering around the classroom waving my arms about, "Silence! Arret!". When this doesn't work I change tactics... something to get their attention. I start shouting at them in English. And then I think, "Well, that was a mistake." They find it hilarious and usually all burst out in harmony, "Be quiet! Be quiet! BE QUIET!". But, I've learnt to look on the brighter side... at least I got their attention.

At some point the teacher will come back in and take control of the class - I'm baffled. And then all is calm again.

Class 5 - Mr Clifford

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