Thursday, 16 June 2011

Weather etc.

It's Winter again. Several months ago, on my arrival in Mauritius I wrote in my diary, "The perfect temperature - not too hot, not too cold".

It seems that this time I'm experiencing the Mauritian Winter in a slightly different way... Quite often, especially in the evening and early morning, I'm freezing! At the beginning of the year I bought a duvet for my bed. More as a home comfort than to actually keep me warm. I was seriously questioning my logic when I slept with it at the foot of my bed for most of summer - if I slept with it over me it was likely to kill me. But now I sleep with it tightly wrapped around me! So cosy! Anyway, yes, the Winter can be rather cold. I think I may struggle with climate change on my return to Scotland.

But really, I'm not complaining. The cold is a nice change to the burning sun. And I would rather be too cold, than too hot anyday. Plus, with the change of weather I've been able to change my daily wardrobe - slightly. For the first time ever (in Mauritius) I wore full leg leans and a hoodie to work! - Shock, Horror. And, as well, I'm more frequently wearing leggings, cardigans, trainers etc. I forgot how comfortable all these clothes are!

A Mauritian Winter... still quite sunny.
But, I suppose all this change in weather, sleeping arrangements and clothes - ha! - has made me think about some stuff. Like, coping with change. It's strange to think that 20oc is now my version of 'cold' when several months ago I would have been boiling!

However, it's not only this but other things too, like I really used to drink so much water. Maybe 2-3 litres a day - Katie was always gobsmacked. And now, I just really don't feel the need to. My body doesn't 'scream' at me the same way it would in January/February. I'm probably drinking the same amount I would in Scotland or less...

And this one especially annoys me, but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to sleep in much passed 9am. I used to love lazy mornings in bed where I would doze until about 11/12am before making an appearance out of my room. But now, the sun slowly creeps into my room early (6ish) and my body just naturally wakes up. My biological clock has changed. Gr!

To round up, our bodies adapt in order to cope with change. And this is just something that has become that much more obvious to me since starting my life in Mauritius.

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